Elite Dangerous is about to become a lot friendlier to new pilots

If you have ever played Elite Dangerous and quit in disgust because you were unable to land safely, or undock properly, then the April 23 patch has some great news for you.

It appears that the engineers have been hard at work to help pilots save face and to stop having to repair the small craters left around stations, adding an Advanced Docking Computer to ships . In fact the new computer will be standard on all newly purchased smaller ships, meaning landing and taking off don’t have to be the scariest thing you confront.

Another module will help players get around. Called the Supercruise Assist, this module, if you turn it on, will help you maintain the correct speed to reach a destination in Supercruise. Supercruise has always been a tricky thing to master as players have to get a good feel of how fast their ship is going, as well as how big the distance is between pretty much everything in space. Going too fast normally means either smacking right into a planet, or shooting past it at such a high speed that by the time you come to a full stop, you are just as far away as when you first started. Supercruise assist will also help you orbit planets safely, without getting pulled into a gravity well when you were trying to take a nice screenshot

To accommodate these modules, smaller ships will get two more size-one Optional Internal slots, while all other ships will get one more, retroactively applied so that you can fit one of these modules.

For more veteran pilots, the update will replace Community Events with Interstellar Initiatives. These are new in-game activities that last for about a month, with various phases during the month offering things for pilots to do.

Fly safe, Commanders.

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