Vampyr sells one million copies, more ambitious games on the way from Dontnod

I quite enjoyed Dontnod’s Vampyr, despite the game having many problems with regards to the combat and the overall look of the game. It was a great and unique narrative experience that with some refinement could have been something fantastic. But even with its flaws, it ended up becoming a massive success for developer Dontnod Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive. The game went on to sell one million copies, cementing it as a financial success for both companies.

In a recent press release, Focus Home Interactive has bolstered their relationship with Dontnot by continuing to work with them in future projects. Dontnod said, “the new co-production promises to be one of the most ambitious in the history of the publisher and the studio.” Big words there. Focus Home Interactive echoed the statement with COO John Bert saying they’re delighted to work with Dontnod and saying the new game is “intended to be among the most ambitious” which echoes the statement from Dontnod. Something big is happening in Dontnod’s kitchen and they’re not willing to share what.

However, with the fact that Vampyr sold one million, Dontnod is in a good place and their continued publisher partnership will ensure that their games get the recognition they deserve.

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