JP Games is making the first video game about the Paralympics

In an eye-opening article posted on earlier, the organisation announced that the very first video game focused on the Paralympics would soon be released. According to the article the Paralympic Games “is the world’s third biggest sport event after the Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup”. With the introduction of video games, they are aiming to increase the interest in the event even further. IPC President, Andrew Parsons stated:

The sport at the Paralympics is outstanding and helps transform attitudes towards persons with disabilities like no other event.

As explained by The Verge, the game is being made by JP Games – the new development studio headed by Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata who recently left Square Enix. Rather than being a sports sim, the new game called The Pegasus Dream Tour will be a sports-themed RPG. In ‘Pegasus City’ players will awaken “Xtra Power” and compete in a version of the current Paralympic Games.

The game is set to release in 2020 on “various platforms including mobile”. Watching the Paralympic games always feels inspirational and it would be great if the game had a similar effect. Taking it on as an RPG is an interesting idea and if handled correctly this could hopefully be a game that breaks some boundaries and opens minds.

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