Octopath Traveler is travelling to Steam

It seems there’s this strange movement right now where most Japanese publishers are porting their games over to PC. Some games were assumed to be PS4 exclusive or even Switch exclusive as we will find out, but it seems they discovered a hidden gold mine on Steam and everything is just appearing on the platform. Obviously this is great since more people can experience these often wonderful games.

Octopath Traveler is the next game to head to PC and it’ll be coming on the 7th of June. The game, if you’re not familiar, follows eight distinct characters in this classic JRPG journey that seeks to capture the feeling and aesthetic of games of old. It’s a great title and one that many non-Switch owners were sad they won’t experience since it was just on the Switch.

I love it when stuff gets ported to different platforms. More people being able to experience games will always be a good thing and it seems the PC gamers are getting a lot of love recently. Glory to the Master Race.

Source: Destructoid

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