A quick guide to cosplaying Carol Danvers

We’re creeping ever closer to the start of South Africa’s convention season with ICON CGC coming up over this Easter weekend. Whether you’re already wondering about it or perhaps started right this minute, you might be thinking about what to wear. While I can’t go through every character in existence, I thought I’d share at least one that would be quite the hit: Carol Danvers.

Also known as Captain Marvel, who we saw break box office records, Carol threw a photon blast straight at our hearts and made us fall in love (again) with not only the character, but Brie Larson. But since her role in films like Scott Pilgrim VS The World is a bit less recognizable and inspiring in comparison, I thought we’d tackle an outfit all of us would feel honoured to wear, her flight suit.

For those of you thinking “but that’s so simple”, I have two things to say: Yes, it’s not the most complicated cosplay in the world, and if it’s so easy why don’t you do it? What it basically consists of is a pair of Khaki-esque 1 piece overalls, some Aviators, and patches. The latter being the most important piece of that puzzle.

The overalls are easy enough to find, but to find the correct colour will be the true challenge. Thankfully screen accuracy doesn’t actually matter, as long as the over-all outfit looks right. For your convenience I found some places online that sell jumpsuit-looking overalls, but just driving around your local industrial area would probably yield good results, too. While I’m not sure about delivery, etc. you can go look at Overalls For Africa and Simply Workwear if you need it!

OK, so suit’s done! Now for the really hard part: The patches. Again, they don’t have to be screen accurate, so if you go into a fabric/antique/hobby store that could sell them and find some that look the part then I say go for it! The only one you should truly care about is the patch with her name on it, that’s the one that’s going to sell it. Otherwise you could just be female Tom Cruise from Top Gun.

Photo from Stitch’s Loft

To achieve the best result I’d suggest getting someone to embroider it for you, or if you have the equipment do it yourself. But this, unfortunately, takes a shocking amount of time, and since we have days let’s look at an alternative. I’ve mentioned it before, but craft foam is a staple in the cosplay community. You’d be hard pressed to find a cosplay without even a speck of it interwoven into a costume, so it will be perfect for this!

There are multitudes of tutorials on how to do this but here’s the quick rundown:

  • Draw/Print/make the pattern for the patch and its details
  • Cut it out each layer with scissors and transfer it to the foam
  • Cut this out with scissors of a craft knife/box cutter
  • Glue all the pieces together with contact glue and coat in layers of thinned out wood glue until you’re satisfied with the texture
  • Paint, dry and attach it to the suit via Velcro/Pin/Glue, etc
Thanks Sccherbatsky from Imgur

So now you have the suit, you have the patches, all you need is the glasses and blond hair. Luckily, both can be found at either your local Oriental Mall or online. Maybe add a S.H.I.E.L.D cap in for extra effect if you want, but other than that, you’re done!

That’s it! Not so hard, right? Shows you that anyone can cosplay! It just takes a bit of patience, some good Googling skills and a desire to do it. If you have that, you’ll be set to do any cosplay, whether it’s Garth and Wayne from Wayne’s World, or a fully suited-up Captain Marvel.

Stop by at ICON CGC, or even FanCon the week after in Cape Town, happening from the 20th – 22nd of April 2019. If you do, and you see any of the SA Gamer crew, don’t hesitate to say hi and tell us our writing is horrible! Happy cosplaying!

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