Switch 8.0.0 firmware update includes save file transfer and game sorting, but there’s a catch

The Switch has slowly but surely progressed it’s user interface since launch, but at a quick glance the UI is very similar to what we saw at launch. It’s still quick to use, unlike the Wii U was, and its simplicity still really works. Problem is that basic features like being able to put your games in folders have been available on the Wii U and 3DS and fans have been asking for a similar feature on the Switch. You’ll have to do with the next best thing.

Turn your Switch on today and you’ll be prompted to update the firmware to 8.0.0. It adds two new features. First up is the save transfer. You’ll be able to transfer your save file of a game to another system, should you buy one of Nintendo’s expected re-released Switch models later this year, we assume. That said, it doesn’t copy it over. Instead it removes it from one console altogether and cuts it to the new hybrid system.

Tired of having to look at the latest games you’ve played? You can now sort your software by Most Recently Played, Longest Total Play Time, Title and Publisher (Nintendo, Ubisoft, SEGA, etc). The problem is that this sorting will only show up when you enter the ‘All Software’ tab at the end of your home screen list of games. The list of games you see on your home screen will still show the most recently played games, no matter your decision.

Other than that there are new icons for Splatoon and Yoshi’s Crafted World to select for your profile. There is also a universal zoom option for accessibility, a VR mode for Labo VR and a new feature that allows your Switch to wake up when the AC is disconnected.

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