The first details of the PS5 have been revealed, and they’re insane

The PS5’s existence has been confirmed numerous times, but the exact specification of the next generation console has been largely unknown. It’s mostly been speculation, but we’ve been gearing up for some kind of reveal for a while now. It has now arrived and boy is it exciting. This console will potentially change the entire definition of a console if all the proposed ideas come true.

The details in question come to us from Wired who wrote a comprehensive piece detailing the next generation console. The details come straight from Mark Cerny, industry leading system designer over at Sony. The list of features for the PS5, which is still an unconfirmed name but will mostly be it, is frankly immense. Mark Cerny went into a lot of hardware talk during the interview and while this may sound like French to some of you, the result of these features can promise unprecedented levels of console performance. It’s a major step up from the PS4 Pro at the very least.

Before we get to the features, do keep in mind that the PS5 won’t be coming in 2019. That much has been confirmed. The console is still a ways off, but it has been in development for years now and has also been given to devs to work on very early on. If there’s one thing that Mark Cerny does right, it’s design consoles and to hear him talk about the console like this makes your eyebrows go up. For your conveniences, I have put all the features into a list and I’ll talk about why they’re important.

  • Ray Tracing: Ray Tracing is the latest graphical development coming from GPU manufacturers, most notably Nvidia. The technology allows for lighting options that allow for unbelievably gorgeous environments and immersive gameplay. The tech is still pretty new in the PC gaming space and it’s only reserved for high-end graphics cards at this time. If the GPU in the PS5 is capable of ray tracing, it will be immensely powerful.
  • Improved Sound: Mark Cerny went into great detail how important sound can be to the gaming experience. They seek to hugely improve the audio capabilities of the PS5 to get the best sound out of all our games. To make it better, these improved audio options will work on any regular old earphones. You don’t need an expensive set or massive sound system to take advantage of it.
  • SSD: You don’t understand how huge this is. Loading times? They can be a thing of a past. If the PS5 is rocking an SSD that has a huge capacity, loading times will become nothing and loading environments in front of you will be great. PC gamers who have been using SSDs can attest to their power and to have that in a console will be a whole new world. They used an example in the article of how in Spider-Man the fast travel timer is 15 seconds on the PS4 Pro. With the SSD it’s 0.8 seconds. That’s how dramatic the difference is. The question is capacity, how much can they cram in there without it becoming extremely expensive? That is a big question we have to ask.
  • PSVR and PS4 backwards compatibility: Oh glory hallelujah they listened and we’ll be getting full backwards compatibility with PS4 games and we won’t have to worry about buying a new PSVR set because the old one will work. Mark Cerny didn’t want to say if a next-gen PSVR will be coming, but we can assume there will be.
  • Physical media will be supported: We were afraid that digital was going to take over, but we don’t need to fear. Retail games will still work and your discs will still work so take a breather all the collectors out there.

We got multiple confirmations of this information too:

That’s all the info we got so far. As you can see, this has the potential to be an immensely powerful console. Unlike anything we’ve seen yet. The Xbox One X would be put to shame if a console like this existed. Remember, there are also improvements in the CPU, RAM and cooling departments as well. To add, Mark Cerny also said in the interview that Death Stranding will release on PS4 and PS5 at the same time. That can also give us an indication of when the game will come out. What do you think of all this? I just hope this thing doesn’t cost $1000.

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