Microsoft introduces Game Pass Ultimate

Imagining a world without Game Pass in it is something we’re sure most Xbox One owners couldn’t imagine. If by chance you’ve never heard of it before – you get access to over 100 games that you can download and play until your heart is content for a small fee every month. Think of it as the Netflix of games. Games include older classics and new games, especially Microsoft Studios-published titles that heads to the service on launch day at no additional cost.

To date the service has been enjoyed by many, but if you you really want to take advantage of it you would require an Xbox Gold Live membership to play online games, whereby you also receive four additional games to download every month. To make that decision easier for fans Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will combine Game Pass and the Xbox Live Gold into one package.

Should you be a current user of either service you can add the other service as an upgrade and the cost difference will be calculated for you, or you can combine the two services if you already are subbed to both. Should you be subbed to both it’s probably a good idea to upgrade as there is a $5 (about R70 per month) discount in doing so.

This was announced last night on Inside Xbox, which you can watch below. We’ve time-stamped it at the moment it gets confirmed by Ben Decker, Microsoft Head of Gaming Services.

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