The Burning Question: Would you buy a ‘PS5’ at launch?

With the exciting news we received yesterday on details for Sony’s next gen console, I’m sure there are many questions still on everyone’s minds. I mean, let’s be honest for a second here. Video games (yes, just like many other hobbies) isn’t a cheap hobby. And to play these incredible titles, we do need consoles to run them on…unless Google Stadia proves its worth…but even then, there will still be many enthusiasts, fans, supporters and even collectors that’ll remain in the mindset of purchasing actual hardware. Myself included (collector’s mentality).

The problem – or rather let’s go with challenge – is that these consoles cost a pretty penny. And with the information we were provided with yesterday, the PS5 promises to be (in Ash’s words) a gold plated Ferrari. Ray Tracing, Improved Sound and SSD capacity. As Marko pointed out in his post from yesterday, this is not going to be cheap. Or should I say ‘affordable’? Especially in our beloved country with the world’s “greatest” exchange rate. And from speculations I’ve seen thus far, we’re looking at a R10,000 price tag. This, of course, is just speculation. The console itself isn’t even ready for a 2019 release. Admittedly, I’m in full agreement with that speculation though. And in the same breath smiling from ear to ear to learn the news about backward compatibility (once again, collector’s mentality).

So the burning question this week is. Would you buy a ‘PS5’ on launch?

Time to start saving those randelas, gamers. This console has already been a work in progress for the past four years, and with Sony recently accelerating their deployment of devkits to game studios, for them to adjust to its capabilities, we may just see it sooner than we think.

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