Join the Elite 4 at Round 2 of the Pokémon Let’s GO! tournament

What makes a good Pokémon trainer? In my opinion, it’s three things. Number one, the love for Pokémon. Number two, the love to challenge other trainers. And number three, the drive to become the very best…like no one ever was. So what better way to prove your skills, then to take on other passionate Pokémon trainers? Join round two of the Elite 4 Challenge in Sandton City, Johannesburg. A tournament run for Pokémon fans and trainers alike that own a copy of the Pokémon Let’s Go! titles on the Nintendo Switch.

The event will be hosted at the Nintendo Switch Pop Up Zone in Sandton City Mall on Saturday, the 27th of April. The tournament is a double elimination styled tournament, with trainers being restricted to only having four Pokémon in their party. Normal battle rules will apply with a level 50 cap, with only one mega evolution allowed within the party, and one legendary bird. Banned Pokémon include Mew, MewTwo, and both partnered Pokémon from the games, partner Pikachu and partner Eevee.

Tournament Structure

1. Elite 4 Challenge
Bracket Groups
32 Players with 4 groups in single elimination

2. Elite 4 Play-Offs
4 players with single elimination

Head over to the tournament’s website for full details and to register.

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