New Overwatch Archives Event: Storm Rising brings a storm

Overwatch’s yearly Archives event has returned this week with a new story mission: Storm Rising. It takes place six years earlier in the Overwatch timeline, and features a strike team of Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy as they attempt to arrest Talon ‘money guy’ Maximilien. It also introduces a new Overwatch member named Sojourn, though we only get to hear her voice. Hopefully she’ll eventually be introduced as a new hero.

In Storm Rising, our heroes chase Maximilien’s convoy through the streets of Havana, a brand new map for this event. Presumably, like the King’s Row and Venice locations, Havana will be made available as a normal game map after this event. While this new map is pretty cool as the setting for this story event, it’s made even cooler thanks to the weather effects that have been introduced. According to Jeff Kaplan, these came about through a personal project by one of their technical artists named Lan.

You can also play through the Storm Rising event with a team of any heroes. As with previous events, there are several difficulty levels, ranging from Normal to Legendary. Normal difficulty will take you about 8 – 10 minutes in either mode, making it an easy way to earn some loot boxes.

The previous two Archives missions, Retribution and Uprising, also make a return, so you can replay them in both story and all heroes modes. All the event skins and other items make a return, along with 40+ new items to unlock, including 3 new epic skins and 6 new legendary skins. Some highlights here are Wrecking Ball’s High Roller skin (and his ‘Dramatic’ highlight intro), Baptiste’s Talon skin, and McCree’s Deadlock gang skin.

The Overwatch Archives event is live until Monday 6 May. You can check out the trailer for the event below. And if you’re still on the fence about Overwatch, they’re running a free weekend until Tuesday 23 April and the digital versions are on sale for the next few days.

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