The PS5’s price has been described as ‘appealing’

Since the PS5’s announcement, the most talked about thing about the console has been the price. They promised some pretty bold hardware and if you make a direct comparison with PC hardware, the console might seem like it will cost upwards of $1,000 or more. Consoles need to be cheaper than PCs, otherwise you’ll just buy a PC. The main pull of a console is the all-in-one experience and if it requires you to take out a loan, its success is not guaranteed.

However, we have some ways to assuage our fears. Following the incredibly popular Wired article, journalist Paul Rubin went to Twitter to discuss the PS5’s price. He managed to talk a little to Mark Cerny about the price of the console, but he was obviously not going to share any details because the final hardware hasn’t even been confirmed, but here is what he said:

This is both worrying and reassuring. We know that Sony will try to keep the cost down as much as they can, but the way Cerny talks here, it seems like this console is meant to be bought once and the premium will reflect that. The price of the console will be unknown for quite some time to come, but in light of these new comments, we at least have something to speculate on.

I still believe this console will be much more expensive than what the PS4 was at launch. Maybe not too much, maybe just a bit extra like $600 or I wouldn’t be surprised at an $800 price point. It’s all just guesswork at this point, but price will be a big component moving forward.

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