Kingdom Hearts 3 gets Critical Mode difficulty today

If you felt that Kingdom Hearts 3 was too easy, a suitable challenge is about to be patched into the game. Tetsuya Nomura announced that the game is receiving Critical Mode, a difficulty option that was introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix.

Critical Mode was even more difficult than Proud Mode, but co-director Tai Yasue has said that they have added even more to the mode when talking to USGamer at GDC:

“We really want to adjust things, add things as well to make it more technical and more offensive. I think you’re going to see new types of ways of playing the game. It’s not just difficult and we also wanted to assure it lets our players clear it even if you’re playing in level one.”

It will be interesting to see what the full range of changes when the patch arrives, as Nomura also hints at things being different.

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