Planet Zoo will bring out the zoo tycoon in you

If you remember the time you spent in games like Zoo Tycoon, then Frontier is about to make your day a whole lot better. The simulator creator that brought us Planet Coaster just announced its next game, Planet Zoo.

Frontier spent time at real zoos, consulting with ground staff and veterinarians to help create an accurate zookeeping experience. Besides making pretty lifelike models for the animals, they also wanted to make their behaviours realistic too. In a PC Gamer interview with lead animator Chris Marsh, Marsh said: “When it comes to animating the animals, it’s not just about making sure they move right, but that we capture something about them.”

Considering the depth of simulation in Frontier’s other projects, like Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous and Jurassic Park Evolution, it seems like a safe bet that the simulation dial is going to go to 11 in this one.

Now to wait for more information. Until then, the announcement trailer will have to suffice.

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