PlayStation Now has twice as many people downloading instead of streaming

We’re heading into a game streaming revolution. The internet and gaming will meet somewhere in the middle and our games will run off server farms instead of expensive consoles. But the tech still has a long way to go as was displayed with PlayStation Now, Sony’s game streaming service.

If you were able to stream games with your internet connection, you could do that since 2014 when Sony launched the service, but you can also download games if you wish. However, the feature wasn’t added until September 2018 and since then, it has come to light that the downloaded games are being played twice as often as games that are streamed. It makes sense, many people would choose the option if their internet is slow, but it’s also just more convenient for games you play a lot. If you’re playing a 100 hour game on the service, why risk your internet connection when you can just download instead?

Regardless, PlayStation Now is still pretty popular. Hiroki Totoki, Sony CFO, said that the audience for PlayStation Now has increased by 40% every year and has 700,000 subscribers at the present moment. Impressive numbers, but Sony are really sleeping with the service. It’s a clear Game Pass competitor and Game Pass has been wiping them all over the floor. Rebrand PlayStation Now, have options for people without super internet connections and enjoy all your free money every month.


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