Shovel Knight is actually a 3D game

Not everyone is a fan of 2D pixel art platformers. The main reason for this is that looks like it belongs in the 1980s, but to others, there’s a certain charm and art to it that other, graphically more impressive games don’t have.

Shovel Knight is one such game, and it’s become a community favourite over the years. What’s striking though it that it’s not made in a 2D engine, but rather a 3D engine, with everything you see on camera being placed in different layers. This is shown in a Youtube video by Sheesz, where developer, Yacht Club Games and game designer, David D’Angelo show us how this all works.

The video shows us how the layers work, and also how the different assets fit in the environment. It’s pretty neat, and according to D’Angelo, although the engine is in 3D, Shovel Knight was never intended to be a 3D game.

It’s fascinating to watch and gives you a bit of insight into what goes into make a game such as this.

Source: Kotaku

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