Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid gets a free story mode update

If Street Fighter V can do it, why can’t a game with a fraction of the budget?

With so many well-produced games about one could wonder why anyone would devote their time to some of the more questionably made games. You can find a quality experience to scratch the itch but sometimes a game comes along that is just glorious, even if it leaves much to be desired. At the moment a game that does that isPower Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

The game looks and feels like a budget title but it shamelessly shines in its gameplay. By going for truly simple execution, the game manages to put the focus on what characters can do rather than the player can press. There is some fantastic gameplay here and now it’s getting backed up by some additional content.

The latest free update to Power Ranger: Battle for the Grid includes a story mode that has seen some pretty high profile talent work on it. From well-known directors and illustrators to the original voice actors of certain Power Rangers, this is a pretty high profile inclusion to come as a free update.

And that’s not even all, this update also includes three new characters as well as more stages. While this game might have been made on a tight budget, nWay are still looking to support it well. It might be a little off-putting at first, but there’s a lot of fun to be had with Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid and fortunately there’s now even more to it.

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