And our Mortal Kombat 11 Kharacter Battle winners are

The time has finally come. The fight has been long and we have lost so many great fighters along the way. Fan favourites slashed, smashed, and eviscerated their foes, with a few interesting tales of why a certain character would win, and who would form alliances all coming out.

This kharacter battle was rather serious too, with (sadly) joke options falling by the wayside, trampled by chosen champions. For the most part, Mortal Kombat characters triumphed over their foes, with only a few hardy individuals making it through. That is, until a certain bearded father figure arrived. Just look how happy he is with his win!

Kratos takes the battle, coming in during the final round swinging, taking even the beloved Scorpion out. I hope he didn’t rip ol’ Scorps in half, the poor guy has suffered so much already.

But as excited as having the god in self-imposed exile moving into a new realm and kicking everything to the curb is, I am guessing most of you are here to see who won our awesome hampers. In case you forgot, the prize is:

Here are our two winners, selected randomly from a spreadsheet of everyone’s comments. Well done to James and DemonGamer!

We hope you all enjoyed this Mortal Kombat 11 Kharacter Battle and thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring the prizes and making this competition possible.

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