Key BioWare devs shift from Anthem to Dragon Age 4

As the gears start shifting inside BioWare, Anthem just lost a few key team members. Mike Gamble (lead producer) and Mark Darrah (executive producer) have moved over to work on Dragon Age 4. On top of this, Jonathan Warner (Lead director) is currently on sabbatical.

Anthem has a fairly extensive post-launch content plan, but recently the roadmap was delayed as serious fixes are implemented. While it is normal for staff to move onto other projects after a game launches, losing key team members while Anthem could use all the support it can get is troubling.

The shuffle is somewhat expected as several developers were brought into Anthem from other projects because of development problems and a need to get the game ready for launch.

It is difficult to not read into this as a gearing down of Anthem, but hopefully, that isn’t the case. Dragon Age 4 has about three years of development to go and hopefully BioWare can knock its next game out of the park.

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