Sonic will receive a makeover in that dreadful live-action movie

Are you still trying to get that horrible image out of your head? Our favourite blue hedgehog got mutilated in the first trailer for his upcoming live-action movie that’ll air at cinemas in November this year. From the outset, we all knew that something was wrong and when that trailer dropped the entire games industry and millions of Sonic fans spoke their minds on social media. The good news is that we’ve all been heard.

Sonic will receive a visual upgrade to right all the wrongs we had to witness earlier this week. His face, in particular, was the part that just did not resonate with fans who grew up with the speedy blue furball. Online fans have aided in some facial redesigns that would make him look a whole lot better. Director, Jeff Fowler, took to Twitter to announce it.

Those who have replied to that Tweet rightfully mentioned the fact that those working on the CG for the movie will now be super stressed to meet that deadline and enter a tough crunch period. Hopefully Paramount will delay the movie so that people don’t have to crack under the pressure of a mistake from people at the top.

If you missed the official trailer. Here it is, but you’ve been warned:

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