Sony might want to take VR to a whole new level in a new patent

Let’s clear something up real quick – when it comes to a patent it doesn’t mean that whatever they patented is something they’re actively working on or a project that they plan to complete in time for the next generation, but what it does do is to give a you little idea of their thinking. It seems that if Sony had their way, players would find themselves playing VR games in a ‘Posture Control System’.

Picked up by a user on Resetera, this patent has the player caged inside a dome-like seat where you’ll be able to have your movements be replicated in what seems to be a VR environment. Instead of me trying to explain it, here it is in their exact words:

Disclosed herein is a posture control system containing a posture control unit that changes a direction of a user’s body and a display unit mounted on a user’s head. The posture control system includes: a posture data acquiring unit configured to acquire posture data indicating the direction of the user’s body; a motion sensor data acquiring unit configured to acquire motion sensor data indicating a direction of a user’s face in a real space which is detected by a motion sensor; a camera image data acquiring unit configured to acquire camera image data indicating the face direction with reference to the direction of the user’s body which is specified based on a camera image; and a face direction specifying unit configured to specify the direction of the user’s face based on the posture data, the motion sensor data, and the camera image data.

So, a racing game could feel more life-like and you’ll feel like you’re right there in the middle of a war in an FPS game. It all sounds and reads very ‘Beyond 2000’ (or is that 3000 now?) and is probably something you really should not take too serious. For now it’s nothing more than a patent for the day someone at Sony decides that it’s a good idea to make use of it, but it is a very real patent.

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