David Jaffe’s next project is a single player horror game

Not familiar with the name? David Jaffe is the man who created your beloved PlayStation character, Kratos. He created God of War and Twisted Metal and in more recent times saw his dreams going up in smoke when Drawn to Death failed to gain an audience on the PS4. He seems to be back on his feet as he’s hard at work on his next project.

On Twitter he announced that he was working on a single player horror game that is attempting ‘something new with in-game storytelling’.

He continues by saying that no one has seen anything and he’s yet to get any form of financial backing for the game. In turn it’s left him a little stressed as he’s not sure if it’s going to be the next big thing or if it’ll bomb like his last game did, though he says he’s having a lot of fun.

These days there definitely isn’t a lack of horror games on the market, but we welcome the focus on storytelling in a single player game. Don’t expect to hear much more about this for another year or two.

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