7 of the most feared items in video games

There you are playing your favourite video game, minding your own business… when suddenly you see it. It’s coming towards you. You cannot get away. It’s that one devastating item that you know is about to ruin your whole day.

Yes, in so many of the games we love there’s that one item that you just can’t help but fear. Sometimes it means the end of your race. Other times it may be the end of your game. And sometimes, it’s just so useless that it just means yet another hour of mindless grinding that you’ll have to painfully endure. Check out our list of some of the most feared items in video games and be sure to add yours in the comments section below.

Spiny (Blue) Shell (Mario Kart)

Image Courtesy: Mario Kart Fandom Wiki

It’s the one item that anyone that’s played Mario Kart will have a story about. It’s the item the sound of which sends racers into a wild panic – slamming on the breaks. More often than not it will cost them their first place too. It is the quintessential evil item. The dreaded Blue Shell.

Holy Hand Grenade (Worms)

Image Courtesy: Worms Fandom Wiki

My first exposure to the HHG was back on our family PC in Worms Armageddon. Don’t let the name fool you. If this thing lands anywhere near your Wormy team, you know they’ll soon be flying across the screen in all directions. Plus, it references Monty Python – what more could you ask for?

Poison Mushroom (Super Mario Bros 2 – The Lost Levels)

Not many outside of Japan had been introduced to ‘Super (Evil) Mario Bros 2‘ before The Lost Levels was released. But no doubt you’ll remember the first time you jumped for the mushroom (as we had been taught to do) only to see Mario’s distraught face as you lost a life. Brrrrd… you’re dead.

Gravel (Minecraft)

Image Courtesy: LOTR Minecraft Mod Fandom Wiki

Ok, so this is not really a ‘scary’ item per se. However, there’s little worse than having your inventory filled with this near useless item. Yes, flint – but really – gravel is just the pits. See what I did there?

Beetle (Super Smash Bros)

Image Courtesy: Super Smash Bros Fandom Wiki

As the genre falls well outside my expertise, fellow SA Gamer, Paul, explains what makes the Beetle item so unwelcome: “If it latches on to you, it will raise you up until you reach the top blast zone and get KO’d. It’s scary because while you can mash out of it, it’s been changed in Ultimate and is now affected by weight. So lighter characters get carried off quicker.” So long Pichu…

Injury Icon (FIFA)

You’re through to the Final. Your left back is somehow your top scorer and anytime he plays you win. Three minutes into the game though, he suffers a terrible tackle. You look up and to your utter dismay – it’s all over for him. He’s badly injured. It’s the end of his season, and probably yours too.

Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword (T-1 EW/S) (Halo)

Image courtesy: Halopedia

Here’s one I knew nothing about, but it is a favourite of a certain Managing Editor around these parts. It is a particularly scary-looking Sangheili plasma-bladed energy sword. Advice? If you see one – move away. Far, far away.

There are just so many more items we could add to the list and some of the SA Gamer team suggested a few more that we’ll include as honourable mentions:

  • Hammer of Dawn (Gears)Dawid
  • Zombie Powder (Final Fantasy)Garth
  • Divine Rapier (Dota)Paul
  • The Redeemer (Unreal Tournament)Charlie

So what did we miss out? What item sends shivers down your spine and why? Let us know below…

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