Days Gone became the fastest selling PS4 exclusive ever in Japan

God of War? Child’s play. Horizon Zero Dawn? A walk in the park. It seems Days Gone is the one that went the extra mile in Japan. It’s no surprise considering its many 7/10 scores and high amounts of, uh, bikes? I honestly don’t know the reason, but somehow Days Gone shipped 114,000 units in its launch week in Japan. That may seem low, but that’s higher than both the PS4 exclusives I mentioned at the start.

This was summed up very well by Benji-Sales on Twitter:

There isn’t a clear cut reason for why this happened, but I think it might have just been the right time and right place. No other big games were releasing during Days Gone‘s release window and considering Sony’s massive presence in Japan, it’s not far-fetched to think that the Japanese might be interested in a zombie biker PS4 exclusive. Regardless of the reason, the game is still doing very well and even internationally it’s doing great. The final sales numbers are still to be announced, but it’s looking like this was another successful exclusive for Sony, despite the critical reception being a little more lukewarm than normal.

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