Grip loses its wheels with a big free anti-grav update

It had its hiccups at launch, but since then this spiritual successor to the classic Rollcage games have improved in leaps and bounds. Most the early bugs are now something of the past and in its place you’ll get an entertaining action-packed racer that turns your stomach inside-out. Now there’s a big free update available for download right now.

A brand new ‘AirBlades’ class has been added that has the vehicles completely losing its wheels. What you are left with is a ship that resembles the anti-grav vehicles you would have played as in Wipeout games. Like the Rollers (the cars with wheels) these ships can also race on any surface. New levels have also been added to the package, which makes this one big free update.

The game is available on Xbox Game Pass if you’ve been keen to try it out. Grip is also available for PC, PS4 and Switch.

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