Raising Kratos will go live on Friday Morning

A few weeks ago, Santa Monica Studio and PlayStation dropped a trailer, teasing a making-of documentary of last year’s God of War. They didn’t give a date on when we can actually watch it back then, but earlier this week they announced via Twitter that it will go live on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel this Friday:

If you’re a fan of God of War and let’s be honest here, we know everyone is, considering the kharacter battle over the last couple weeks, then this might be something you will be interested in. Personally, I like to see how games are made, and what the processes are that a studio goes through. We all know that Cory Barlog wears his heart on his sleeve, and he has spoken over the last year on how this game has changed his life, and finding out how that happened can be quite engaging.

It will go live on the official PlayStation YouTube channel at midnight Pacific Standard Time, which translates to 9 am tomorrow morning here in South Africa, and considering it’s a Friday, who needs to work right?

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