Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint launches on 4 October

Unless you were living under a rock you should be well aware that an announcement of a new Tom Clancy game would take place tonight. Everything pointed to a Wildlands sequel. Well, that is not to be. That’s because when the game launches on 4 October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, it’s going to be something brand new. Get ready for it to return to its roots in the boots of Ghosts, an Elite US Special Operations Unit. Say goodbye to Bolivia and get your first taste of the new battleground on the fictional island of Auroa.

First things first, yes, it’s going to be playable as a 4-player co-op military shooter, but you’ll be able to complete the entire game as a single player experience. As has become apparent in the recent free Wildlands content, the mysterious island of Auroa will be home to the drone creators, Skell Technology… which has fallen in the wrong hands. This is where the real danger steps into place – those who took control are known as ‘The Wolves’, an ex–US Military unit of former Ghosts that have gone rogue. The team is led by Lt. Colonel Cole D. Walker (Jon Bernthal from The Punisher series on Netflix) and they’ve turned the drone tech in their favour. Anyone who dares stand in their way will be… uhmmm… punished. It gets worse – you’re actually the prey.

Your team of Ghosts are sent in on a recon mission but the helicopter gets shot down. It’s up to you and your team members to survive. It brings something new to the series – having to deal with survival skills. This includes using camo to hide from the enemy, accumulating injuries, fatigue, picking up your injured teammates and setting up camp to come up with better strategies or managing your equipment. This is a real hostile environment.

As we’ve come to expect from open-world Tom Clancy games, you’ll have complete freedom and will have to take on anything mother nature can throw your way. Thousands of customization options will be available for you to tamper with and can be carried over online in the PvP arena. Expect there to be lots of post-launch story and classes content along with, for the first time, Raids.

Get a look at some in-game images below:

Alongside the standard version of the game you’ll also get the the option of the Gold and Ultimate edition (which basically replaces the collector’s edition):

  • Season Pass – 1 year
    • Special Operations Forces Pack (available at launch)
    • Siren’s Call Mission (available at launch)
    • Deep State Adventure
    • Transcendence Adventure
    • 3 Classes early unlock
  • Play 3 Days early
  • Play 3 days early
  • Includes the 1 year pass
    • Special opersions forces pack (available at launch)
    • Sinen’s Call Mission (available at launch)
    • Deep State Adventure
    • Transcendance adventure
    • 3 classes early unlock
  • Bonus Content Survivor pack
  • Sacred Land Pack
  • Off Road Pack
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