FGV winner’s days are going to be gone – and our weekly wrap up!

Hello, hello, hello all you beautiful people. That’s one hello for each week that has passed since I last saw you. The past few weeks have been crazy and because of the numerous mid-week public holidays – those were great though – and whatever else, we didn’t have a Free Games Vrydag for a while. But we’re back, baby, and we’re still going strong. May is proving itself to be a bit of a quiet month for gaming since there’s not much releasing, but we had some spurts of news happen, especially today.

Weekly wrap up!

It was a bit of a shorter week yet again because of voting day, but we still managed to crank out a lot of awesome stuff. We somehow also managed, in a month with no games, to have a bunch of reviews. Zain went back in time to play A Shadow’s Tale, I was serving drinks and changing lives in VA-11 HALL-A and yes, that does not get easier to type. We also had Garth give us his thoughts on Hearthstone‘s Rise of Shadows expansion. Abigail even came out to give us a review of Rise of Industry. The Holdens seem to be rising up.

As for news, Sony’s State of Play happened at midnight last night and we got a couple of resurrections in the form of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and MediEvil‘s remake. We also had EA Access finally coming to PS4 and let me tell you, my backlog will hate me if I decided to get that.

Comment of the week!

Tim gave us a list of 7 of the most feared items in games which include the Blue Shell and the Holy Hand Grenade. A lot of you chimed in with your most feared items and the best one comes to us from dougeli who had this to say:

I think any fuel icon is something to be afraid of, but that’s very much the case in the F1 games in particular. It means pit stops are coming or you can just stall in the middle of the track. By the way, I know nearly nothing about F1. There are very fast cars-like super machines and the whole thing is kind of like a soap opera? How close am I?

The winner!

I had to.

Today we have a special prize for a special person. We got Days Gone to give away and one lucky person will get the chance to become a cowboy on a steel horse. Who will that be? Well, we don’t have to wait, it’s none other than:

Pieter-Fritz Pistorius

Congratulations to Pieter for winning this week’s prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you. Watch out for the Hordes. They already smell awful, don’t you add to the situation.

Thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, don’t wonder anymore! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: I’ll be watching the Final Fantasy VII teaser and Ghost Recon Breakpoint trailers at least 50 times this weekend, when not overdosing on spertz. Then I’ll sit back and relax with a game of SEGA GT on the SEGA Dreamcast, because it deserves more love. I’m feeling a little nostalgic after last night. [Dawid is a fanboy of the Ghost Recon games now and every time he brings up how awesome the co-op is and how I should give it a go, I remember that I have no friends. I wonder if you can teach a cat to use a controller? BRB.]G

Charlie: I’ve been enjoying some older PS+ freebie games recently, and will be continuing playing Knack over the weekend. There will of course still be the usual weekend shenanigans like braai and rugby, but I am travelling on Sunday, so will be spending some time with Donkey Kong on the Nintendo Switch. [Yo, hot take, but Knack was ahead of its time. People were sleeping on it when it released.]

Tim: After a week of amazing Champions League football, this weekend it’s all about the Premier League’s final match day. I’ll also be visiting family of course. I also managed to buy two short games during the eShop sale last week so will be playing those if I get the chance. [I know I started out mocking the sports entries, but these are actually becoming like my weekly updates of what is happening in the sports world. Also, I get to fantasise about being with Tim. In a platonic way, you sickos. We have to work up to that.]

Paul: After seeing some tech on Twitter I’m finally going to try out Kid Goku in Dragon Ball FighterZ and try to finish up all the endings in 999 before moving on the next game in the Zero Escape trilogy. Other than that I’m going to spend a quiet Mother’s Day with family (gentle reminder if you still need to organise something, definitely creeped up with everything else going on recently) [Hey, it’s Paul! And he makes his debut by saying things I understood about 65% of and he’s being a homie and looking out for us to not forget our moms this Sunday. Yes it’s a commercial holiday and we should love our moms every day, but come on, go do something nice.]

Marko: Hello, it’s me again. The last couple of weeks have been nuts and I think I just lived off review games for a solid month. Now that I’m free, I have many options in front of me. My backlog is still singing its siren song and Dawid told me I should try his random system and just let random chance pick my enjoyment. I think I’ll try that. You can’t teach a cat how to use a controller BTW.

And that was the return of Free Games Vrydag! We try and get these up every week for you wonderful folks, but sometimes it’s a bit tricky to get the games that we can give away. I hope all of you are well rested considering the plethora of public holidays as well as voting day that just passed us. It’s going to be weird to have 5 day weeks again. But do tune in next week, more excitement is bound to happen!

And Free Games Vrydag returns next week as well! We might get a lot of entries and some people might rage if they’re not the one that wins, but that’s the way she goes.

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