Final Fantasy VII Remake gets a new teaser trailer, more to come in June

If you stayed awake for the second episode of State of Play then you were in for a bit of a surprise as the show lasted no more than ten minutes. They did however end the video on a high. We finally got to see a bit more footage of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In it you’ll get to see all your favourite characters from the original game fighting it out against Shinra in their efforts to destroy a Mako reactor. Barret, Aerith, Tifa and of course Cloud all make a showing, with a quick glimpse of the one and only Sephiroth. Everything is looking exceptionally polished, especially the fact that this trailer includes an English voice over (which means it’s closer to launching than we might think). There is one particular moment right at the end that’ll drive fans of the remake into overdrive – “More to come in June”.

There’s just enough in the video to please some of your cravings, but too little to feel completely satisfied. Now we all wait for E3 and a hopeful release date announcement.

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