Get ready for some dastardly hijinks in Hearthstone The Dalaran Heist

We’re about a month into Hearthstone’s latest expansion but there has been something missing during this time. With the current release model for Hearthstone, new expansions means new single player content but we haven’t really seen any. Many Hearthstone players have been eagerly anticipating what Blizzard has in store for them, but the content just seems to be missing. Could it be that The League of E.V.I.L. had stolen the content?

Well if you’ve played this week’s Tavern Brawl you’ll note that the League seems to be recruiting for something special, so they couldn’t have done anything to the content yet. Unless maybe, just maybe, the League is planning on pulling off something big?

Looks like you’re being brought in for the big one as you and The League of E.V.I.L. get ready to pull off a massive scheme in Hearthstone’s next single-player expansion The Dalaran Heist.

Join the League as they plan to pull off the greatest heist Azeroth has ever seen in The Dalaran Heist on the 16th of May. Blizzard has had this one cooking for quite a while and they’ve definitely got something special on the cards for players. Having learned quite a few lessons from the previous single-player campaigns, Blizzard has put together a pretty impressive adventure for tavern goers. Not only can you expect some interesting encounters but also some unique changes to how the content is played. Blizzard has learned a lot from player feedback, so let’s recon some of the exciting additions players can expect as they pull of this grand heist.

Tools of the Trade

The Dalaran Heist will introduce players to nine different henchmen who will participate in the hijinks, taking the place of the standard classes. While things may start out familiar, as you get more involved in the heists these henchmen will unlock new and interesting abilities. They definitely seem to be ones to learn on the job as progressing and playing through The Dalaran Heist will unlock interesting new possibilities.

As you progress through this campaign your henchman will unlock new hero powers and decks that will provide interesting new starting points for each run. With a total of 27 abilities to use and 36 different decks to explore, there are many different ways to approach the heist, but what exactly is the plan? Surely the League has thought more about this than just throwing henchman at their problems and hoping for the best?

Sticking to the Plan

The League of E.V.I.L. is made up of some of the most diabolical minds in Azeroth, so of course there are going to be some elaborate schemes at play here. The Dalaran Heist sees the Dungeon Run format brought together with the old school wings of past adventure to bring on some challenging and entertaining encounters. Blizzard has decided to create a considerable amount of content and as such things are far from business as usual.

Budding villains will be able to play through 5 different chapters which each contain their own stories and twists, bringing along a total of 75 bosses to the campaign. Now you might think that you’ll just be facing typical twists such as interesting encounters, however they have a far broader reaching effect in The Dalaran Heist. Twists will see drastic changes happening to the game in each chapter, with some being as straight-forward as swapping all minion stats while others might see minions being locked away until you can bust them out.

With such intricate schemes, success is not always guaranteed and that’s why there’s a considerable focus on progression tracking in this expansion. You’ll be able to see exactly which setups are working out best for you and how many times you’ve been able to make your grand escape. The only problem is that career criminals obviously need to be able to adapt to the situation and make adjustments where necessary. Well, in The Dalaran Heist players will have greater control of their decks as they carry out their plans.

A True Band of Thieves

One of the more frustrating aspects of previous adventures is that you were stuck with the cards you were dealt. Your run was often dictated by what you were lucky enough to get and it could make things a little frustrating. Sometimes a well-crafted deck was ruined because there was nothing else you could pick, but that is about to change. Thieves have more forethought than common adventurers and as such will make use of non-combat encounters for their benefit.

During your runs you will be able to visit a Tavern which will allow you to change up your deck. If you have the coin, you might be able to throw out some of those more annoying cards and bring your deck back to its former glory. This allows for far more flexibility and should result in far less frustration. That doesn’t mean things will be easier, in fact you might find you may need to complete some more heroic deeds.

Modes and Monstrosities

The Dalaran Heist brings back multiple difficulties and can be faced in Normal and Heroic modes. While normal will be a pretty standard affair, the devs have promised that Heroic will punish even the most cunning of rogues. On top of that, you will be able to play through the events with random Anomalies that make even further changes to the game. While twists may bring with them some set changes, anomalies will see some wild random effects come in to play. From minions gaining +1/+1 each turn to spells casting a second time on a random target, anomalies will provide an additional level of challenge and excitement.

Securing the Bag

Now everything so far sounds all fun and exciting but what exactly is in it for us henchmen? We obviously want to see these plans carried out, but at the same time there better be something in it for us. Well, The Dalaran Heist will also bring with it some lovely spoils that are worth the danger.

By completing a chapter, players will earn themselves 3 Rise of Shadows packs for a total of 15 packs over the adventure and a bonus Golden Classic pack for completing the 5 chapters on normal. As you might expect, beating heroic will net you a special card back that is going to be quite rare out there on the ladder. There’s a lot here for you to earn, but there is one last treasure out there for players to take.

By owning all 5 chapters of The Dalaran Heist players will get a golden copy of Zayle, Shadow Cloak. This mysterious new legendary card with grant players one of Zayle’s 5 evil decks at the beginning of the game. This effect works in a similar way to Whizbang the Wonderful from The Boomsday Project and looks to offer up some exciting options. Zayle, Shadow Cloak will be craft-able in its non-golden form for everyone and will also be usable in PvP games. It’s quite a fancy cloak, so I don’t blame you if you want to get your hands on it right now.

Release Date and Pricing

At this point, you’re probably wondering when you’ll be able to set off on this glorious heist. You’ve got your eyes on the prize, you’re all readied up, all that needs to be done is to put the plans in motion. Well, The Dalaran Heist will get underway when the first 2 chapters are released on the 16th of May, with subsequent chapters releasing in the coming weeks. The first chapter will be available for free for all player while the other 4 will be available for purchase with either your cold hard cash or 700 gold per chapter. Villainy doesn’t come cheap, but the rewards are sometimes oh so worth it.

Now while this wraps up the first bit of information, there’s still a lot more on its way. The Dalaran Heist seems to be Blizzard’s ambitious return to more story focused adventures in Hearthstone and you can see how much love has been poured into it. This adventure is oozing with flavour and it’s quite easy to see that Blizzard has taken the community feedback to heart. Hearthstone fans are getting a sizeable amount of what looks to be incredibly enjoyable content, I just hope they’re ready for the challenges they may face. The Dalaran Heist beings on the 16th of May, let’s make sure it all goes according to plan.

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