Join Xbox Playdates and SA Gamer as we head to Spain in F1 2018 tonight

Chaos. It’s the only word that can really describe what happened in our session at Azerbaijan in our last race. Unlike the real-world race that took place later that weekend, we had two races made out of pure havoc. Both lobbies ended up having just a few racers left… just enough for the over 30 drivers to secure points. There were literally just 10 drivers who finished the race. (I’m still on 1 point because I crashed out on the first lap *hangs head in shame*)

Tonight, however, we are heading to Spain. It’s the return to Europe and a classic racetrack that’ll separate the men from the boys. Interlagos has always been a favourite racing track for many a player and, considering that it’s being dropped from the 2020 calendar, it’ll be the last time we all race together at this track.

Here is the current point standing for this season (A quick reminder: The points are just for some bragging rights and nothing else – you can still win prizes at the end of this year by just participating. Check the details further below).

Please note: The points below are calculated as of the last race, Azerbaijan:

65pts – hoonigan403

53pts – Marky45

47pts – Gary Braddon

36pts – TamerCurve

28pts – TheRazerLeeZA

27pts – ORLSA Iceman

20pts – impex2010

15pts – Paashaas90

15pts – Whistler ZA

15pts – WilliegawieSA

12pts – WarGod ZA

12pts – MultipedChief8

10pts – RandyHerman

8pts – AVR099

8pts – Justdapril119

6pts – PurpleDragonNat

6pts – RecklessRacer29

4pts – African Rasta11

4pts – NotNats69

4pts – MartinLazenby

2pts – Darkist1

2pts – G4rf13lt ZA

1pt – Arie46Blackout

2pt – CptMorgnNoBeard

1pt – dawid22

The remainder of the drivers have no points. You can get a look at the summary below:

How does this work?

First of all you need to be aware that we run these event evenings on the Xbox One. If you own a copy of F1 2018 (hint: it’s on the Game Pass service), you’re welcome to join us every Friday evening that ties in with an F1 race weekend at 9 pm. In other words, the first race kicks off tomorrow night to tie in with the Australian race on the calendar. The race setup works as follows and lasts just over an hour:

Total number of races: 3

Race 1 = 5 laps, Collisions off, Damage off.
Race 2 = 5 laps, Collisions on, Damage off.
Race 3 = 25%, Collisions on, Damage on.

Should you crash out then it’s bad luck. There are no restarts, as in the real world of F1. Points are awarded, as you would expect in an F1 season, but it’s there purely for bragging rights.

If you’re keen to check it out before taking part, there will be streams live on Mixer on the evenings.

Uhmm… I just want to know how I can win things?

To win you need to participate in these Friday evening events, by taking part in at least five races over the 2019 season. It’s as simple as that. Should you play a minimum of five races you’ll be entered into the lucky draw where you can win a Thrustmaster steering wheel (thanks to Megarom Interactive) and a locally produced G-Force Sim racing chair, which takes place after the last race at the end of this season. Glenn Alexander (Xbox Playdates ZA host) will stream the draw live. So, don’t worry if you’re a bit of a n00b, there are players from all walks of life and the overall intention is to have fun. Leave the serious you at the door.

Here is our prize winner from last year enjoying a game of F1 2018. This year it could be you.

That is one amazing prize (especially if you’re a racing fan), but there will be several other games up for grabs on that same evening, thanks to Apex Interactive.

How do I get started?

Add Glenn Alexander (GlennZA) or myself (dawid22) to your list of friends on the Xbox One and we’ll send you an invite as soon as we see that you’ve started up the game on the evening. Should you not hear anything, be sure to send either of us a message via Xbox Live.

If you have any other questions, be sure to ask us in the comments, social media or message us on Xbox Live.

Again, a huge thanks to our sponsors, Megarom Interactive (Thrustmaster), G-Force Sim (racing chair) and Apex Interactive (various games).

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