Tetris 99 goes offline with some paid DLC

The Free-to-Play Tetris 99 on the Nintendo Switch will be getting some paid for DLC, that will enable you to play the game offline against the CPU.

Announced via Twitter, Nintendo revealed that the DLC will cost $9.99 (no local price yet), and will include two new modes, one called CPU Battle and the other Marathon mode, which sounds more like traditional Tetris where the objective is to clear the most lines possible.

While some might frown upon the idea that we’ll have to fork over money for an offline mode, it should be remembered that Tetris 99 was originally intended as an online-only game, and it is free. You also won’t need the Online subscription service in order to play the game either, so it does kind of even out in the end.

Tetris 99 is an online free-to-play game that takes the Battle Royale model and turns it on its head where you take on 98 other players to be the last one standing.

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