Devil May Cry 5 reinvigorated the brand for Capcom

Devil May Cry 5 was a reawakening of a sleeping franchise and thankfully, it was also very good. So good that it has made Capcom excited to own the IP again. During Capcom’s latest financial report, they mentioned that Devil May Cry 5 shipped 2 million units and “successfully reinvigorating brand”. By comparison, DmC Devil May Cry shipped 1.6 million units by its first whole year of being on sale.

As you can see in the financial report, Resident Evil 2 shipped 4 million units, but no reinvigorating of brand was happening there. This little added piece of text is very important for the future because “reinvigorating” also means that the franchise is relevant again. And with relevance comes more offerings. We have seen the Devil May Cry franchise get revived with this instalment and now that it’s financially viable again, we can expect more in the future.

Capcom is killing it at the moment with their games, but their future is still in question. Where will they go now that they have the good graces of the gaming community again? From what I’m seeing, they’re going to good places.

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