Insanity rules in Rage 2’s post-launch content

Since the day Rage 2 got leaked by Walmart Canada everything surrounding the game has been unconventional. From the wacky performance of Andrew W.K. at E3 2018 through to Tim Kitzrow’s voice in the multiplayer component – Rage 2 has not been your normal run of the mill. So, expect the launch trailer to follow in those footsteps.

There is lots of swearing, blood and copious amounts of sarcasm towards the end of the video where they take a stab at that Walmart Canada leak as well as the first game in the series. Yeah, it’s really wacky. That said, the fact that id Software has had a hand in the development (especially the gunplay) means that you are likely going to end up with an open-world Doom-like clone… and we’re very much down for that.

Get ready for death races, giant monsters, crazy weapons (as we’ve seen here), sandworms, cat memes and all forms of craziness in the world of Rage 2. The game launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, 14 May.

They’ve also revealed their roadmap for post-launch content from launch until the end of the year that’ll see new content drop every month. Most of it will be free, which is good news for those interested.

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