MotoGP 19’s multiplayer features are moving up the grid

When compared to its direct competition in the world of on-track racing, the MotoGP series has generally played second fiddle to the F1 series from Codemasters. It just never had the same amount of production value. It’s something the developers, Milestone, have actively been pushing over the last few years. MotoGP 19 could finally be the game that pushes the series to the next level.

By now fans of the series should be well aware that they’ve made huge advancements with their AI and include historical challenges, but they’ve really moved ahead with their multiplayer offering. It’s in this particular area that they found themselves in the dirty air of other racers.

When MotoGP 19 launches on 6 June for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One it’ll come with the ability to join public lobbies or create your own customised GP and private lobbies. The Race Director mode is the big new feature and something that is a step above any other racer at this point. You get to decide on on-track incident penalties as well as the camera angles throughout the race.

Unfortunately, all the good ideas come with a downside for South Africans. There will be dedicated servers. So, unless you arrange an online session with friends or join a group of like-minded people, you’re going to have a tough time finding people to play with online.

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