Rumour: Gears of War 5 box art and launch date might have been leaked

We’re all wondering what Microsoft has up their sleeves for E3 this year, considering that they’re the only big company who’ll host their own show. Gears of War 5 is likely going to be one of their big hits for 2019 and according to a website we might have our first leak.

The box art of Gears of War 5 (simply titled Gears 5) has appeared on the Taiwanese system of age classification and was spotted by Xbox Generation. On the box art, you’ll see some familiar faces and the other bit of information that stands out is 10 September. Whether this is the real deal or not remains to be seen. The fact that the name ‘Gears of War’ has been changed to ‘Gears 5’ could mean that this is a simple placeholder, but the art might be real. It could be real… or a real fake.

Expect to find out what the true story is when the Xbox E3 conference kicks off in just under a month from now.

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