Ghostbusters: The Video Game might be getting a remaster

The Taiwanese Game Software Rating Board recently listed a remaster for Ghostbusters: The Video Game which released way back in 2009. It might be a very strange game to get a remaster at this point, but let’s not forget that Ghostbusters: The Video Game was probably the best Ghostbusters game out there. It featured the full original cast and some really funny and clever moments through the story.

There were some problems with the game such as the fact that it’s too linear and a bit generic, but the humor and Ghostbusters wish fulfillment was strong enough to carry the game. The Ghostbusters themed games we’ve got in recent years have been quite terrible and this old game was the closest we got to greatness.

It’s no real big surprise that they’re remastering it. The game has been delisted on Steam since 2017 and we have all pretty much forgot about it at this point. However, I have played through the whole game years ago and I can personally attest that it’s worth your time, even if you’re not a huge fan of Ghostbusters.

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