Red Dead Redemption 2 has shipped 24 million copies

Imagine being a shareholder at Take-Two Interactive? You must be loving your life on the beach of some tropical island with a cold one in the hand. Rockstar North continues their track record of producing hit after hit for the publisher.

You’ll often hear companies being extremely excited that they hit four or six million sales for a game, because in the realistic world of gaming that is an impressive number. When it comes to Rockstar it gets wild and the wild wild west is proof of that. Red Dead Redemption 2 has now shipped 24 million copies of the game. These aren’t sell through numbers, but we have little doubt that they’ll sell those numbers in the coming months anyway. What is perhaps a little surprising is that it’s sold more than GTA V at the same point in time of its release.

Grand Theft Auto V on the other hand has now shipped a mind-boggling 110 million units. It’s hard to realistically comprehend that number, but the sales keep trickling through six years after launch. Last month GTA V was still sitting in the top 10 games being sold in the US. It’s absolutely astounding.

Rumour has it that we’ll see Bully 2 and GTA VI making a showing in the not-too-distant future, so we doubt this good fortune is about to end for Rockstar.

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