The Mortal Kombat movie reboot seems to be coming along now

The Mortal Kombat movie reboot has been in the pipeline for years now and we’ve been expecting some word from it. Now we know that the movie is being made, it has a location locked down and it’s full steam ahead. The film isn’t just a reboot of a movie franchise, it’s a national event. The filming will happen in South Australia and according to the people involved, it’s the biggest production in South Australian history, seeing about $70 million AUD placed into the local economy and 580 jobs, according to Adelaide reporter Claire Campbell.

The Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall was also quite excited for the movie:

As you can see, it’s a huge deal over there in South Australia. It’s also pretty funny since Australia notoriously banned Mortal Kombat because of its excessive violence. The actual movie itself is still a little shrouded in mystery. We know we’ll get our beloved characters such as Raiden, Sonya, Kano and much more. We also know it will be following a new character that gets dragged into the crazy world of Mortal Kombat and if you know this franchise, you know it’s wacky.

The original movies did well enough with the first one being a cult favourite. However, the property hasn’t been treated well in different mediums since then with the sequel being notoriously bad. A 2019 production mindset and some better source material will go a very long way to making this a movie you want to watch.

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