Winter is coming…to Monster Hunter: World

Hunters, Winter is coming, and it is Iceborne. For those who missed the news last week, Capcom announced that the Monster Hunter: World expansion known as the Iceborne expansion will launch on the 6th of September. The expansion will hit the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One first, with PC to follow.

Iceborne picks up from where Monster Hunter: World left, with not only a newly discovered location but also an all-new story, monsters and gameplay options. Capcom also states that once the new locale is explored, it’ll be the largest region. Additional and interesting features in the expansion include new options for the slinger tool known as a Clutch Claw grapple move and Flinch Shot that stuns monsters. Other new features coming with the expansion is a new elder dragon known as Velkhana, possessing powerful ice attacks. A new ranking tier above High Rank…lets hope its finally G-Rank. Extended weapon options, granting each of the fourteen types new combos and elements. And of course, new monsters does mean more gear and armor to create.

An important thing to note for new hunters. The expansion will only be available once players have completed the main story in the base game through to Hunter Rank 16. Check out the trailer below along with pics of some of the other monsters coming to the game.

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