Super Mario Maker 2 Direct happening at midnight

With the new Pokémon and Animal Crossing games only due later in the year, it seems Nintendo is hoping that Super Mario Maker 2 will be their big mid-2019 game. It certainly makes sense and with E3 not too far away many expected the Japanese giant to dive deep into the new creation-based game during the convention. However, somewhat surprisingly, yesterday Nintendo of America tweeted out that the next Direct would be focussed on the Super Mario Maker 2 and would be hitting our screens later today (or rather, first thing tomorrow morning (midnight on the 16th of May) for us South African viewers).

As you can tell from the tweet, the Direct will last around 15 minutes. This is quite a lot of time to devote to a single game and makes us wonder whether we can also expect a smaller surprise announcement for another upcoming game. However, this may be wishful thinking and Nintendo does have recent-form in devoting Directs to single games (they did this with Smash Bros. Ultimate last year).

What it does mean is that with a big focus on Super Mario Maker 2 happening now, it is likely that E3 will be at least partially devoted to other games we know less about. And as a Nintendo fan, this can only be good news. In the meantime, we better get some a nap time in order to catch the Direct live. Or alternatively, we can watch it at a more reasonable hour as it will very likely be available on Nintendo’s Youtube channel later in the day.

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