The creative directors at Ubisoft trolled the hell out of the internet last night

When news broke that there was a new Tom Clancy game in the making, everyone was hoping for it to be the next Splinter Cell. In the end, we received Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. People all over the internet got vocal about their displeasure that there’s still no new Splinter Cell, even here on SA Gamer, and to shoot back at that the creative directors at Ubisoft set Twitter on fire last night.

Hindsight is a great thing, but late last night Julian Gerighty posted a tweet and tagged Dan Hay and Roman Campos Oriola. Here is what it said:

The other two creative directors retweeted it and the next thing it exploded online – SPLINTER CELL IS COMING! Turns out that they just trolled the hell out of us all. Jason Schreier, news editor at Kotaku, confirmed as much.

Sorry folks, but it seems Sam Fisher isn’t making a return any time soon. Unless it’s a ‘fake troll’ to hide the fact that it’ll be announced at E3, you’ll have to do with the other Tom Clancy game for the time being.

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