The Epic Games Store will be hosting its first sale soon

Epic Games have confirmed that their store will be having its first sale called the Epic Mega Sale. It was outed by an accidental Fortnite Message of the Day and was confirmed soon after:

The Epic Games Store has been having some troubles coming up to snuff with Steam and since the launch of the service, we haven’t seen any real sales or discount pricing happening which was a big disadvantage for Epic given how frequent Steam’s sales are. People are stingy and some only buy games during sales, so it was a natural fit for the company to do this.

Since so many games are still exclusive to the Epic Games Store, take this as a chance to pick up games such as Metro Exodus or Hades, assuming they’re going to be on sale. There may still not be a shopping cart available, but at least we’ll soon have the ability to get some cheaper games.

You’re getting there, Epic Games Store, you’re getting there.

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