World of Warcraft Classic launches August 27, beta starts today

If you are keen on experiencing World of Warcraft how it used to be long ago, before the expansions arrived, you will be able to do that this year. The nostalgic trip to vanilla WoW, called WoW Classic, launches on August 27.

WoW Classic is a product that has been created for a community that desires things how they used to be, back when you had to read quest text to work out where to go, where you needed a quiver full of arrows and the right food to keep your pet well fed and happy. Much has changed in over a decade and some players pine for those days. Now in August they will be able to go back, to experience things as they were. And for players who joined in the game later on, you can see what the world looked like before the Cataclysm.

For those unsure about whether they want to head back to those times, either for the first time or again, there is a beta that can be applied for, which starts today. Those interested can head over to or their Blizzard account profile to sign up for the beta.

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