Nintendo Switch outsells PS4 in Japan

The PlayStation 4 has enjoyed massive success since its launch in 2013 with just shy of 100 million units sold as of March 2019. So it might come as a surprise that the Nintendo Switch has sold more units than the PS4 since it’s launch in 2017 in Japan, the country of both consoles’ origins.

According to Famitsu, a total of 8,125,637 Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold in Japan as 29 April 2019, which is almost 50 000 more than the PS4. This is quite impressive considering the PS4 is four years older than the Nintendo Switch.

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that the Nintendo Switch is doing well in Japan, as the brand has always been very popular in that country. That, and they do seem to love their mobile consoles. The (3)DS sold incredibly well in Japan, and even the PlayStation mobile options such as the PSP and the PS Vita didn’t do too bad over there. So the hybrid nature of the Switch seems to be a good fit for the Japanese market.

Source: PlayStationLifeStyle

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