Rugby World Cup 2019 is on its way and yes, that is Malcolm Marx kicking for posts

I guess by now you’ve already made up your mind by just looking at the header image. I don’t think we have to say much about the status of rugby video games in this day and age. So far they’ve mostly been received poorly, but the titles released by Eko Software have received the most flack over the years. There are many reasons for this, that you can read up on here, but they’re at it again and later this year Rugby World Cup 2019 will launch in time for the big tournament in Japan.

So what can we expect in this digital version of the sport South African’s love so much? According to a press release from Bigben studios they’ve worked for two years on the game and are committed to making right the wrongs of past games. According to them, “The goal is to create a new gold standard in rugby simulations for this year’s World Cup in Japan”. It’s going to be tough to match Rugby 08, but if they can crack that nut we’ll take it.

They continue by saying that “the tactical depth and graphic rendering have been improved, and the (Artificial Intelligence) has been revamped” and that “during the development of this new rugby game, the studio has surrounded themselves with experts in order to faithfully reproduce team tactics.”

These are all very positive words and they certainly have been working on things. The last tweet came from the Game Director in 2018, hinting at their upcoming rugby game, which we pointed out in a feature. Since then he’s not spoken a single word about the game.

There is no word on the licenses, which will once again play a big part, but we’re quite excited to see Handre Pollard replace Malcolm Marx as hooker…

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