Ubisoft releasing four AAA games this fiscal year, Skull & Bones delayed

Ubisoft’s financial briefing went over the company’s plans for the next fiscal year that runs from 1 April 2019 to 31st of March 2020. The recently announced Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be available on the 4th of October, but Ubisoft announced that three other games will join the title before the end of the fiscal year. Those three games are a mystery, but Ubisoft doesn’t have too many franchises to guess from. To add further spice to it, those three games are slated to launch during Q4 of the fiscal year, which means from January to March 2020, we’ll see three big Ubisoft games make an appearance.

Additionally, Skull & Bones, the pirate ship adventure game has been delayed to the next fiscal year which means that it’ll only appear past March 2020 instead of this year or early next year.

The three games mentioned can be anything. It can be Beyond Good & Evil 2, it can be a new The Crew game, we might actually get a Splinter Cell game and I think if I was a betting man I’d put money on Watch_Dogs 3 being one of the games. As for the delay with Skull & Bones, I have to give huge props to Ubisoft for that decision. The team was probably not ready yet and instead of rushing it out, they get another full year of development time. That’s excellent news for the title and the team behind it.

Most of the unannounced games will probably get their announcements when E3 2019 hits, so stay tuned to find out what Ubisoft is up to.

Source: Eurogamer

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