Metro Exodus DLCs detailed, first to arrive in winter

If you have the need for more spelunking in the post-apocalypse in your life, 4A Games has detailed what is coming in the Metro Exodus Expansion Pass, with the first DLC just around the corner.

Take note that if you haven’t finished Metro Exodus you might want to look away as the DLC heads into spoiler territory.

The Two Colonels (coming in our winter)

Colonel Khlebnikov is on a quest to find his home and his son in time for the New Year. Underneath the ghost town of Novosibirsk, Khlebnikov must deal with mutants and tunnels that have been blocked up with mud. Luckily access to a flamethrower might help the colonel reach Kirill in time.

Sam’s Story (early 2020)

If you wanted to spend more time with the American who ended up as a Spartan, Sam’s Story is a “sandbox survival level”. After learning that Moscow isn’t the only city that has survivors, Sam’s hope that America might have some survivors is rekindled. He heads to the remains of Vladivostok’s harbours, hoping to find a way to cross the ocean and head back home, but things aren’t going to be easy.

Source: VG24/7

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