Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is heading to Switch next week

It might have launched six years ago on various platforms, but the impact this unique indie title left behind can not be understated. If you have another sibling in your life you’ll be well aware that when there is a life challenge standing in your way that you’ll put your differences aside and work together to overcome whatever it might be. That’s what the entirety of this game is made out of.

What made the game so exceptionally unique is that, from a single-player point of view, you controlled both brothers simultaneously. One brother with the left analogue stick and the other with the right. The fantasy adventure threw many puzzles your way that required some good multi-tasking skills and is now also heading to the Switch. It’s going to be the exact same game, it’s just that you’ll now be able to play it as a co-op experience on-the-go.

Each player will control a brother, though it would be a sin not to play it as a single-player experience. There is a much deeper reason for completing it by yourself, but we don’t want to spoil it for you.

Here is the official reveal trailer.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will retail digitally for R220 when it launches next week on 28 May.

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