John Wick writer and creator is working on a Just Cause movie adaption

You would have to admit that when you think of John Wick and Just Cause there is a resemblance between the two. Both franchises are based on complete destruction. One because of a puppy, the other because of liberating people. Either way, the creator and writer for John Wick must have taken a liking to the chaos in Just Cause because he’s now working on a movie for it.

Derek Kolstad will be joining Constantin Film and Adrian Askarieh of Prime Universe Films to work on this new film. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Askarieh has been a ‘longtime believer in the video game adaptation genre, has been associated with Cause for close to a decade’. There is little else known at this point.

However, one look at the Just Cause header image and it’s obvious that this is the perfect game for a movie adaption. Moviegoers are fixated on brainless action and explosions and the Just Cause series brings that in droves. If done right we might just have a new action series to be excited about… though the video game to movie adaption track record says nope.

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